Weblog Acts of love & kindness

One of the things many brain injury patients struggle with is getting caught up in all the daily issues the injury causes, like memory loss or pain.  It is easy to forget that there are so many others that need help and encouragement too!  One of the things I started this year to help combat this is to make a daily goal of showing love or kindness to someone else.  It keeps me grounded and reminds me of how much Christ and others have done for me, like the rescue and hospital staff, and how much I need to give back!


Even if it is a simple thing like sending a card to someone who has been in the hospital, I believe these things make a true difference.  At the end of the year, I will have at least 365 unique actions that I have taken that showed love and kindness to someone else to look back on and thank the Lord for!!!!! What will you have at the end of the year to show for your days?

Would you like to consider joining me? Others have, and realized how life changing all this love and kindness really can become!  I can't begin to tell all the blessings that have come back to me already, in terms of unexpected checks in the mail, new friends, open doors, and many answers to prayer!   I don't know if this year will be the end of the WALK journey for our family, it may just be the beginning...

To God be the glory for it all and thank you for the love & kindness you are all sharing with others! I would love to hear YOUR ideas! I haven't posted every day of the year, but have included a few here with the newest first. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to see my posts from W.A.L.K. Day 1.


Day 132
Just love the days like today I get to volunteer in my daughter's classroom for reading centers. And we'll be sending out encouragement cards this week too! Each month the love & kindness of Christ just keeps giving--to God be all the glory!!

Day 124
Met a lady today whose husband was in a timber accident. I got the chance to dedicate Bibles in his honor. Very humbly blessed today.

Day 105
Dedicating bibles through the Gideons today & this week to some precious saints who have gone to be with the Lord.

Day 95
Today's day of love & kindness is dedicated to my sweet mom. We'll be donating a gift card today to the Cancer Card Xchange, a person can either give or request one.

Day 84
Sent out encouragement cards today. But I have to give praise to the Lord for Tuesday! We planned to bless someone else that night with dinner, but they in turn blessed us first. We were so encouraged by their testimony in Christ and how He stood by them through trials. God is so good!

Day 78
Mailed a care package to a family going through something very difficult. God knows the need & prayers that they are blessed.

Day 71
Today we got to do something I wanted to try for a long time--we paid for someone's order in the drive thru behind us! So much fun, although, it might have started a little chaos cause our order got messed up. But that didn't matter! God blessed us to bless someone else!

Day 60
It has been another truly blessed month of love, kindness, and giving--all the credit belongs to Christ! A big thank you the CVCC Cosmetology class and a local soup kitchen to send their cell phones to me for Operation Gratitude! Thank you to family & friends who also gave, I have two USPS boxes packed!

Day 34
So happy & blessed with first month of daily acts of love & kindness!! Thanks to the Lord it has truly been a life changing experience for me & family!!! Looking forward to February now--Thank you wonderful friends for helping me and others get started!!!! If you're inspired to try this with me, keep going!!!

"Give and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together."

Day 14
Got the address of a family with a soldier who just completed 3 tours in Iraq. God bless them!

Day 13
Today's letter & drawing goes to a wounded warrior. If I understood it right, what folks send in to them will be sent directly to hospitals. I hope one of my daughter's drawings puts a smile on a soldier's face.

Day 12
Yesterday compiled letter & my daughter's drawings for currently deployed military. Today's letters & drawings for new recruits just finished with basic training.

Day 11
Worked on getting cell phones mailed to help Operation Gratitude for US troops & discovered that the troops & support staff appreciate the letters & pictures most out of the care packages they get. Got letter & pics to send to deployed troops today. The rest of the week will be spent on the letters & pictures for the others. So happy @ this!

Day 10 Took someone special out to eat & spent the afternoon with them.

Day 9
Took some of my daughter's gently loved toys to a local donation box.

Day 8
Saw people getting movies for a rainy night in, so left popcorn bags attached to the Redbox.

Day 7
Sent cards and took donations to DVRC.

What I really want to say is that just after 1 week I have been totally humbled to learn that I have been on the receiving end of more love & kindness than I can give back. Is this the lesson Christ wants me to learn?
Not only from wonderful friends like you. I'm talking about people I don't know willing to help me thru my mistakes, letting me go thru line in front of them, doing things I planned to do for them & they beat me to the punch!

We've had answers to prayers in our family this week. So much more I could share about all this, but one thing I believe. Nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ...

Day 6
Today is my compliment day!
(I mean, my day to give, not get. Thank God He knows what we mean! To God be all the glory for what He does in our lives!)

Day 5
Talked with Dawn at Domestic Violence. I'm sure u all aware some of the families escape with only the clothes on their back. Some of you mentioned the ziplock bags with toiletries in them for the homeless? They could use them too.

Day 4
Rounding up old cell phones to send to Operation Gratitude. They will recycle old cell phones to send care packages to U.S. troops overseas!!!!!

Day 3
Yes, I took a w.a.l.k. today, but I have to talk about something else right now. I really really did not start this for ANY type of reward. Learning @ Christ's love & kindness is AWESOME so I never expected what has already come next. Someone special has told me that they have been inspired to do this w.a.l.k. In their own lives every day and has already started. Another special person yesterday heaped my front car seat up with clothes, many with tags still on them and would not let me give anything back. My husband cooked and cleaned the kitchen this morning without a word from me. Another special person gave me their flower they won tonight. What is this!!!!????? I must have some really wonderful people in my life that love the Lord!!!!

Day 2
Left a thank you card & small gift in mailbox for our mail carrier. This is working already!!!!!!
(Thought of her in between getting ready, cooking, decorating for a family reunion & then play date. To God be the Glory!!)

W.A.L.K. (Weblog Acts of Love & Kindness)
Day 1
Happy New Year! Mailed my first get well card today. Also called Domestic Violence Resource Center today to see what the families need. Will get a list Monday.