"Perfect Time, Perfect Plan"

That day a Miracle occurred and an angel was born...

Tammy Stewart

The date was April 9, 2008, and that day a miracle occurred, and an angel was born. That angel was our third child, and long awaited for, precious baby girl. I could not believe this day was finally happening, considering the disappointing events of the six previous years.


In 2002, my husband had finally agreed to start trying for a third child.  We already had two wonderful sons, but just felt like our family was not yet complete. It did not take long for me to become pregnant, but sadly, several weeks into the pregnancy, I miscarried. We were hurt, but did not lose hope. Within a few months, I found out I was pregnant again. We were excited and thrilled! But, at my first scheduled ultrasound visit, we were devastated to learn that our baby's heart was not beating. This miscarriage resulted with me having to have surgery to remove our baby. The days following the surgery were so long and very difficult for me--I kept wanting my baby back!  Yet, we still had not lost our hope of another child.

Within a few months, I was pregnant again. This pregnancy though, was not the usual kind. I was told my pregnancy was a molar pregnancy. There are complete molar pregnancies and partial ones; mine was a complete molar pregnancy. This meant instead of a baby forming, a mass of cells were forming inside of me. These cells could cause a type of cancer known as choriocarcinoma.


Therefore, I again had to have surgery, this time to remove the cells. I could not get pregnant for a year and I had to have my blood drawn once a month that year, because molar cells can grow back. Luckily they never did.

Even after the weird pregnancy and events of that year, we were still determined and still not ready to give up on our dream of a third child.  We kept trying. I would like to say that the next couple of years were exciting and not in the least disappointing. But that was not the case. I became pregnant two more times and miscarried both within two years. It just did not seem like it was in God's plans for us to have another child, so we decided to give up trying, and just be content and focus on the two children with which we had already been blessed. That was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, because even though it sounds silly, ever since I was a little girl, I just knew I was supposed to be the mommy to two boys and a girl. Even though we had made the decision to stop trying for another child, I cannot say that we were always careful. I remember praying all the time, "God, please don't let me get pregnant if I am only going to lose the baby again!" I knew God was listening.

The summer of 2007 came and boy did I get a surprise! I found out that I was pregnant again. Though I was slightly excited, as anyone probably could imagine, I was also terrified! I did not know what was going to happen or what I would have again endure. I even had my first ultrasound before I told my husband because I was afraid to tell him. After all, one of the main reasons we had given up trying was because he could not stand to see the pain of loss and disappointment in my eyes again. I prayed and prayed a lot during the first part of this pregnancy!

On my way home from work one day, I felt very convicted to talk to God. I decided to ask Him for a sign to show me that everything was going to be okay this time. I specifically asked him for a butterfly. As soon as I had asked God for this small favor, the biggest and most beautiful butterfly flew across my windshield!  That day I finally had peace, and I could tell my husband of  our good news.

Even though we had to go through genetic counseling and lots of other tests, mostly because of my age, several months later on a beautiful spring day  in April of 2008, our beautiful little princess, Sarah Grace, came into the world. She was so pink and the prettiest little baby I had ever seen. She was surrounded by her mommy, daddy, two big brothers, and the most love any little girl would ever want or need. Two days later, as we were bringing her home, on each side of the road the spring blossoms were bright and gorgeous, and the biggest and most beautiful butterflies were flying all around.  Not one or two, but hundreds!  Right then, I knew for sure that not mine, but only God's timing and plans are made perfect!