My accident happened on a dusky night...

A Testimony Of Encouragement

L.S. Hensley

My accident happened on a dusky Tuesday night. Before I left the house, I asked my husband if I could take my little girl with me--she was 3 at the time. For some reason, he said no. I believe it was the Lord watching after her. We had no idea that later, as I would approach traffic, I would miss the stoplight. I didn't see the vehicle coming my way, and after the crash, I remember nothing else. I don't remember EMS or the helicopter airlifting me to the nearest hospital for admittance to a neurotrauma unit. As it happened, my pastor and family were travelling down the same road and starting praying, even though they didn’t know it was a member of their church in the accident. Isn’t God faithful?


No one at the crash site thought I would survive. I had multiple serious internal injuries and broken bones. When I woke up days later in the hospital, and I had the ability to understand and remember what was going on around me, I could not move at all no matter how hard I tried. I assumed I was a quadriplegic, and it was then I knew to call, not on a doctor, but on Jesus. I felt His overwhelming love and peace, in spite of the pain I felt.  I could feel people praying, family and church, perhaps some I didn’t even know, making a difference in someone’s life.  and I told the Lord I wanted to know He had forgiven all my sins and that He would take my life and let me live 100% for Him, whatever physical condition I was in.

I felt before the accident I had only half-heartedly lived for Him, and that I had let Him down. But at that moment, I had the peace of knowing everything was okay, not because I could walk, but because I desired Christ more that I desired to get out of that hospital bed.  It was only after I came to a place of total peace and surrender with the Lord that the doctor came in my room and assured me I would recover and walk again. I was very humbled to see him in his own wheelchair smiling at my good news.

One day in rehab when I was complaining about the difficulty of an exercise, a therapist informed me that if my skull fracture had been a little lower I would have been a quadriplegic!  Needless to say, I stopped complaining and started thanking God for all that He had done for me!!

When I returned home a few weeks later, I saw the state trooper on the scene that night. He said that as he drove up he prepared to complete a fatality report, but that I turned out to be the first person in his career that he had witnessed who had survived an accident like I had. And it was true, I did walk again, my broken arm, other bones, and bruised insides healed. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ kept me here to have a testimony about His saving grace, how much He loves us all, and that He died to save us from all our sins!!

You see, the Bible says that no one is righteous, no not one so that we all need to be saved! Saved from what? Not everyone will be in a life and death accident, but everyone has sin.  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. What can save us from this sin? Romans 6:23 says for the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. If we accept this free gift, we can be made whole and new again! The old man is passed away, behold all things are new!  I’m so glad I made this decision and you can be too!

I still have injuries that affect me to this day, but with the Lord’s help and grace, I face them and still serve Him with joy. You may be in a place where you may be broken by life’s circumstances, but with God all things are possible and you can live with His love and peace in your life.